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  • Adding Interactive Statistics

    Adding Interactive Statistics

  • Publishing PDFs

    If you have a PDF document, particularly a long one, there are two ways to generate an HTML version for incorporation in the the website. HTML is preferred because the built-in Google Translate function can handle it without any extra processing.

  • Specialty Wheat Export Prospects

    We are following our last article on malting-barley with wheat export prospects. In Canada wheat is our oldest staple-crop and still the largest volume crop we grow and export; it accounts for about 40% of all grains and oilseeds that we produce and more than 50% of what we export. This crop-year we are expecting […]

  • Producers In Peril: Margin Relief Through Direct-Sales

    In opening our 5th volume of articles, this being our 51st, we thought we would step back and recap our mission. What motivates us to pursue this venture is the margin-squeeze producers are under, which largely stems from the captivity of our overseas exports to bulk-trades. The solutions we offer are through direct-sales channels like […]

  • Export Performance: A Case Of Pervasive Institutional Denialism

    In the last 50 years the Prairie grain-economy has experienced enormous change and progress. Driven by advances in agronomy, improvements in farming methods, and new technology applications, we achieved remarkable yield-increases and crop-diversification. With modest increases in domestic consumption, in good years we now export more than half of what we produce. But are we […]